#3 Marie Losier / Evy Schubert “explorations of identity ” January 2021 in Berlin#2 Clara Jo / Clementine Roy “drawing from nature” 31.03.2020 #1 Perrine Gamot & Jivko Darakchiev / Christin Berg “artistic spirit” 10.12.2020

Collective Screening #2 In November 2019, Christin Berg began her cycle of collective screenings at the Cité internationale des arts with Perrine Gamot and Jivko Darakchiev. She continues this initiative in new circumstances, online via www.collectivescreening.com for this second appointment. On this occasion, she brings together two filmmakers and artists to open a dialogue between the unknown online in the form of a double projection: resident Clara Jo and guest artist Clementine Roy.

De Anima (film still) by Clara Jo

Drawing from material gathered from biologically diverse regions in Asia and Africa around the human-animal interface, zoonotic outbreak, and viral surveillance, this film by Clara Jo identifies gendered, racialized, economic, and metabolic ‘ecosystems’ that feed into global interfaces.

CARCASSE by Clemetine Roy & Gústav Geir Bollason , trailer

A group of people and animals live together on a deserted island, where they work with the relics of a lost world in order to build a new one. Somewhere between ethnography and sci-fi, Carcasse invites us to inhabit and invent this special landscape alongside them.

The interview was recorded between Paris and Berlin with Clara Jo (left) and Clementine Roy (right) March 30th and March 31st 2020.