COLLECTIVE SCREENING was launched in Paris in 2019 to increase the visibility of artistic films and the creative minds behind them internationally.

Film screenings as well as panel discussions with the filmmakers in front of an audience and online take place at irregular intervals in different cities.
The exchange between filmmakers, producers and authors from the fields of media art, artistic documentary film and feature film is also promoted.

We are interested in the background of research and production, as well as the various possibilities of setting up a budget.

Through repeated personal meetings and the development of a network, we want to give the opportunity for collaboration. Filmmaking is a field in which a lot of time passes between the creation of a film. This time should be optimized by inspiration from outside and the offer for exchange.

In November 2019 we started the CS#1 with Perrine Gamot and Jivko Darakchiev at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France. In the density of the cities of Paris and Berlin, not only stories are lived and collected, the lively conglomerate of filmmakers and video artists as well as the canteen of the theatre need the vibrant exchange. The two cities are the focus of the film scene here. The merging juxtaposition takes as its inspiration the SALOON full of fiery discussions and sweeping celebrations are the fuel for films, whose thematic roots lie in dealing with social regulation, Oppression, human expression and imagination are realistic and unvarnished insights into man’s struggle between nature and economy.

In the sense of the double feature, originally initiated as a sales trick, an A-B film was shown one after the other, mostly in medium length. Each of the films shown here requires no assignment to a category, but rather a dialogue to explore the filmmakers’ intuition and production style.

It is a High Noon Conversation, we will always start at 12:00, with the means of artistic expression between two filmmakers. Two invited artists will take turns presenting a current work, followed by an open discussion led by Christin Berg.

Christin Berg, born 1982 in East Berlin, graduated as Meisterschülerin of Film in 2015 at Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main. She studied at UCL, Slade fine art media department 2013-2014 and holds a diploma in scenography from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover. Christin Berg is filmmaker and artist. She lives and works currently in Paris and Berlin.